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July 1, 2007

 Quote of the month:

People seem to think that life began with the achievement of personal independence.
~Katharine Anthony


Welcome to the July Edition of Assyrian Cafe Newsletter. Another eventful month has gone by and this month being the 10th month the Cafe Newsletter has be running. July holds very important events such as the celebrations on the 4th of July and also important changes to Assyrian Cafe website which have been evident through this last month and the upcoming month. So sit back and enjoy this monthís edition of Cafe newsletter. Cheers.



Assyrian Cafe as you all know has a special feature for all you intellectuals out there. The feature is called Cafe Articles. This feature is open for people to upload articles they would like to share with other people. A couple of articles have been posted, thanks to Assyrian Guy and Jacqueline. A couple of new articles have been uploaded, so I would like to extend a special invitation to all those that are interested in reading to go and have a look.  In addition I would also like to take this opportunity to invite anybody who wishes to share any of their work to email Assyrian Guy at:




The 4th of July is the American Independence day. I donít know much about the 4th July, but I do know itís a very important day for Americans and so I would like to acknowledge this moment that made history for Americans then and now. We would like to wish Assyrian Cafe users a happy 4th of July.



Youíve probably already noticed the new webcam feature in the chat room. A little webcam icon sits among many of the previous icons in private messages to give you an opportunity to see who youíre chatting with directly. It has revolutionized chatting in a way many didnít think possible. But then again I would also like to put out a word of caution whilst using the webcam. Make sure who youíre allowing to view your webcam. Better safe than sorry thatís what I always say.



A couple of new videos have been added to our podcast collection. All three are found on Assyrian Cafe homepage. All three videos are very interesting and educational; I would like to pass on a special invitation to view them all. Worth the download I assure you.



All you Cafe users are probably clinging to your mouse hoping to see when the new games section will be up and running again. Okay so maybe ďclinging to your mouseĒ is exaggerating just a tad. But nonetheless I would like to send out some good news to Cafe users, the game section will be reopened as soon as our friends at phpbb.com release phpbb Gold, so keep your eyes open to announcements in the forums regarding the gamesí section.



You guys are wondering where have the photo albums disappeared too right? Well you are now, arenít you? Well rest assured the photo albums have been temporarily taken off Assyrian Cafe but will be reopened as soon as we can make it compatible with the new forum, then we will reopen it for all users to start viewing the photos once more, so keep your eye out in the forums for any special announcements regarding the photo album.



As you all may have noticed the Anonymous forums cease to exist any longer. This decision was made by the team here at Assyrian Cafe, to put the Anonymous forum to rest. Iím sorry to inform you all, but the Anonymous forum will not start up again. Letís remember the forum as a fun and exciting place to post things whilst not disclosing your identity.



Genius, pure genius these yellow pages are. What a useful and easy program to use. Just type in the service you wish to seek and bobs your uncle, youíve found a range of services at your disposal. So letís make it much easier and more efficient to upcoming users by adding more businesses to the yellow pages. If any of you have a business you would like to add, just follow the links to the yellow pages and fill out the necessary form.



I know were all looking for ways to better Assyrian Cafe, and make it the no.1 Assyrian community website. Well there is a way all you Cafe users can better our website. The more advertising we get the more funds are available to give way to activities like contests, services etc. so I would like to urge you Cafe users to try and advertise on our website, so we may further bring this website to the glory it truly deserves.



You all may have noticed under each user in the forums they have a line and a coloring to their name. Now Assyrian Guy hasnít done that for the heck of it, there is a purpose behind it. The categories are as so; administrators, global moderators and Cafe moderators. Each has distinct role and power within the forum. For example the global moderators can edit, move, lock, and delete anything in any of the forums. Our two global moderators are Princ3ss (Lily) and Playaa (Mark). So I would urge you to direct any questions or requests for help to either Princ3ss or Playaa.



You all may have noticed that the music section to Assyrian Cafe has not displayed all the music we have which total to almost 3,000 songs. And whilst saying that I would like to assure that the team here at Assyrian Cafe are working endlessly to organize the music section to make it easier, bigger and better for all users. So keep your eyes peeled for any announcements in the forums regarding the music section.



The team here at Assyrian Cafe would like to send out a special invitation to all those you have not registered yet, to register as soon as possible. The community here at Assyrian Cafe love meeting new people and appreciate the diversity we get. Itís because of that diversity we have such unity here at Assyrian Cafe. It would be both an honor and a privilege to meet new people and further get them involved in our community. Registration is as simple as they come, so please donít hesitate to become a member of our community.



The Assyrian Cafe team has open arms to whoever wants to join the team.  We are looking for anyone who is able to give a few hours a week to work on the website.  You will gain experience in working in a team and we will train you in any task we assign to you.  You donít need to be an expert in coding or designing.  If you are willing to learn then that is good enough for us.  If you decide you would like to help out in maintaining the website please email Simon at




Special thanks go out to our web designer, newsletter writer, admins, moderators, members and guests at Assyrian Cafe.

-Simon. S 

-Mona. P



We would like to congratulate all the Assyrians who have graduated this year.  We hope that you will continue to be successful, and that you will help your brothers and sisters to become successful as well.



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